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General conditions

The present terms and conditions govern all contracts between Clicbril .be, situated on Dorpsstraat 38, 3930 ACHEL, Belgium (tel 0032-(0) 11767438), and its customers, insofar as there is not derogated from by special conditions or agreements. Our general as well as our special sales and delivery terms shall be deemed accepted by our customer payment.

The delivery deadlines are only provided by way of information and are therefore not binding. Delay in delivery can in no case give rise to fine, damages or dissolution of the agreement.

Of previous provision can only be waived by means of an express written agreement between the parties. A product purchased by the customer shall only be sent when there is a confirmation of payment by Clicbril .be is established. When the payment is accepted and the product in stock, the product is sent to the customer within 36 hours. Is the product not in stock the delivery time is extended by +/-2 working days. When the delivery time is longer than 5 days after confirmation of payment, the customer always here informed.

If you want to return a product this must always first announced to be at . This applies both for warranty cases as for all other cases. The costs for the return of a product are always for their own account.Insufficiently prepaid consignments may be refused. Would the product damaged when you arrive you should within 8 days after receipt of your product to inform us of this via mail. In consultation with us you can return the product. After we have received the defective product, we will do everything to you as soon as possible a new instance of the product ordered by you send.

In accordance with the law on trade practices and consumer protection of 6 april 2010, you can cancel your purchase free of charge and without giving any reason, within a period of 14 working days after delivery of the product. The product should be returned in full and intact original packaging. Incomplete, damaged, damaged or soiled products are not returnable

We commit ourselves to the price you paid for the product within a period of 30 days and after acceptance of the return of the product to pay back.

There is no right of withdrawal for eyewear whose glasses were manufactured according to the specifications of the customer, or whose glass clearly adapted to his personal needs.

given our capacity of intermediary, is the guarantee with regard to the goods delivered by us shall be limited to the guarantee granted by the manufacturer. Any resale by the customer of the delivered goods or materials can be no extension of the liability of Clibril .be. The customer indemnifies Clibril .be for all the consequences of the claims that his own buyer against Clicbril .be could focus and that the limits of the claims would exceed the customer itself against Clibril .be could stand. Product replacement under warranty is only possible in manufacturing errors and if the product exhibits no traces of abnormal use. Each replacement/repair will be judged by Clicbril .be after the customer returns the product. When a product customized to the customer, the customer is responsible for error completed values in relation to the strength of the glass. These incorrect values filled in by the customer, than can not be held responsible for the Clicbril .be incorrect working of the product.

Payment is only possible on the ways offered in our payment module. Another payment option is only possible on this shelf: BE85 7350 2969 3506 and after written approval by

To the customer is notified that all goods sold by Clicbril. be not suitable to be used when motoring. The customer undertakes to respect by the producers stated restrictions. The customer undertakes to indemnify Clicbril .be for any damage, cost or responsibility which undergo Clicbril .be if in the case of such use, with breach of this clause and of the products by the restrictions stated in this regard.

Any dispute relating to current contract fall exclusively under the jurisdiction of the courts of the judicial arrondissement of Hasselt. Any dispute between the customer and Clicbril .be is governed solely by Belgian law