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Frequently asked questions

Custom made +
If you want to order custom Clic glasses, there are some values you have to fill in the following values:
Sfr: This is the strength of the glasses. (for example +2.50)
Cyl: This is the strength of the cylinder (astigmatism). If you are wearing no glasses of distance viewing , It’s best to leave this field blank. This field should only be completed when you place your order as prescribed by an ophthalmologist. If you are not sure whether a cylinder strength is required, also leave it empty. A cylinder in glasses is especially important for distance viewing. With reading glasses, cylinder strenghts under 1.00 are less important. Never fill in a positive value in this field.
Axis: This value is an additional value on the cylinder (Cyl) value. If there is no cylinder correction, then this field must also be blank.
PD: PD or pupillary distance is the distance between the two eyes. This is listed on a prescription from an ophthalmologist, you may enter it. Do you know this value, leave this field blank also. The glasses are then placed on a standard distance. ADD: Only need for multifocal lenses. This is de difference between the distance and near correction. If you have any doubts about your prescription, you can always upload your prescription at the end of your order. We will verify the order for you.
Safe payment +
For the payment of our products, we work with Mollie. Mollie ensures safe payment within your online banking system with which you are most familiar. The safety and reliability are absolutely guaranteed by Mollie. You can choose from the following payment:
Mister Cash: Belgian customers banking with Dexia, BNP Paribas, ING, FINTRO, KBC, CBC, AXA bank or VDK Savings Bank to the payment Mistercash online purchases with their debit card. The safety and reliability are absolutely guaranteed. Some other countries also support this option, please check your bank card and look for the mister Cash logo.

iDeal: Who uses online banking with ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, Friesland Bank, ING, Rabobank, Regions Bank, SNS Bank, Triodos Bank of Van Lanschot Bankiers can directly pay with iDEAL.

Giropay: Giropay is the most widely used online payment method in Germany and comparable with iDEAL in the Netherlands. Giropay in Germany is supported by the following banks, savings banks, Postbank, Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken, MLP, Cronbank, Ready Bank, CVW Privat Bank, PSD Bank.

Bank Transfer: This is the classic transfer. This payment, however, has a slower effect to the other payment so delivery may a few days delay.

PayPal: Easy and safe payment. Check for more info.

Visa and Mastercard: An easy payment system used worldwide that guarantees safe and easy payments.
Shipping/Delivery +
standard order < 55 €55 € < standard order < 150 €standard order > 150 €express order < 55 €55 € < express order < 150 €express order > 150 €
Belgium4 €2.95 €0 €11.95 €10.95 €7.95 €
Netherlands4 €2.95 €0 €13.95 €11.95 €7.95 €
Luxembourg4 €2.95 €0 €13.95 €11.95 €7.95 €
France5.95 €5.95 €0 €13.95 €11.95 €5.95 €
Germany4 €3.95 €0 €13.95 €11.95 €5.95 €
UK + Switzerland19.95 €14.50 €9.95 €19.95 €18.50 €14.50 €
All other countries5.95 €6 €6 €19.95 €16.95 €11.95 €
Which lenses should I choose for my custom Clic glasses? +
You can choose these options for your customized CliC glasses:

Standard: standard plastic lenses, standard equipped with a hard-coat that protects glasses against scratches.

Anti-reflection: Your glasses are equiped with an anti-reflections coating. This coating is applied on top of the hardening layer and ensures that you see less disturbing reflections and also obtain a brighter image. Definitely recommended for computer work! For an extra blue filter, choose the Blue Coat. This provides protection against tiresome and harmful blue light.

Thin lenses: Your glasses are made of a different material with a higher refractive index (1.6) that will make your glasses about 20% thinner and lighter. Certainly recommended for higher corrections.

Aspheric: A more efficient production of your glass ensures better imaging on the sides of the lenses. In addition, this process ensures even thinner and lighter glasses. Recommended for higher corrections and high cylinders.

Multifocal glasses: Glasses that allow you to see both far and near. To order these glasses, you must have a prescription from an ophthalmologist or optician. Your strength may also be mentioned on your lens pas that is supplied by many opticians when you buy glasses.
What correction should I choose? +
The correction you need depends on your age and the correction of your distance glasses. If you don’t wear glasses for distance, follow these guidelines:

Age: – 45 years: +1.00
Age: 45 to 50 years: +1.50
Age: 50 to 55 years: +2.00
Age: 55 to 60 years: +2.50
Age: 60 years: +3.00
Do you wear glasses for distance viewing, then add the correction of your glasses to the correction of your age group. If you different corrections in both eyes, it is best to stop by your ophthalmologist or optician for an eye exam.
Return conditions +
If you wish to return a product it should always be announced to The cost of returning a product are always on account of the buyer. Insufficient prepaid shipments will be refused.

Of the product would arrive broken or damaged you would have to contact us within 8 days of receiving your product by email. In consultation with us, you can return the product. After we have received the defective product, we will do our best to provide you a new products as soon as possible.

In accordance with the law on trade practices and consumer protection of 6 April 2010, you can return your purchase free of charge and without giving any reason within 14 days after delivery of the product. The product must be returned in the original packaging complete and intact. Incomplete, damaged, soiled or damaged goods can not be returned. We commit ourselves to refund your order within 10 days of arrival of the product.

There is no right of withdrawal for glasses whose lenses were manufactured according to customer specifications.
What are Clic Magnetic Glasses? +
The CLIC products are a revolution in eyewear. The wearing of glasses CLIC is convenient, stylish and also comfortable. Due to the use of a neodymium magnet, the bridge connects the glasses automatically. The side arms are like a band around the neck. To open the glasses with a click above the nose and when you are not using the glasses, he hangs easily around the neck, without cord.
Where can I try and see Clic glasses? +
Our web shop is associated with an optical Shop in Belgium. You can always come by to see and try all different frames. You can find this optical shop at the following address:

Optiek Geenen
Dorpsstraat 38
3930 Achel
If you can not visit here you can always order online. We gaurantee a 100% statisfaction about our products. If a product does not meet your requirements, you may send back the product and you will be fully reimbursed as mentioned in “Return Conditions” above.